Step by Step


‘Step by Step’ is the newest project by Studio Oebjet Troevee, located in Maison Florida. The goal of the project is to bring people back to gather, step by step, as a reaction to the distance created by social distancing. With an enormous ladder Oebjet Troevee is traveling through Quartier Canal, trying to unite two companies from the neighborhood through a health meal. The ladder is placed in between the two companies to create a bridge in which a connection is made.

During the first edition Dries Vanderheyden from Muziekodroom and Ward Dumon from Servilux were both invited for dinner on the ladder. Door de Swert made a delicious three course vegan meal for Dries and Ward. Each course was served one step higher, inviting Ward and Dries to literally come closer to each other.

Ward and Dries were both enthusiastic about the concept and enjoyed the fact that time was made available for them to simply talk about the unspoken. Many of our contacts are short due to a lack of time. This simple concept by Oebjet Troevee wants to create a window of time in which two people are able to come together and enjoy.


About Oebjet Troevee

Oebjet Troevee is an experiment by Stef Lemmens & Elke Cuppens in which they research urban and social improvements. Objets that are seen as waste get a new purpose in their studio. They are remade through various techniques to reimplement them in society with a new form and function. Through these experiments, Oebjet Troevee wants to show us that these forgotten objects shouldn’t be marked as waste, but instead can be seen as an asset with enormous potential.