The School photo series by Renaat Nijs



I got the assignment from Pablo to take pictures of the upper floors of Spijshuis Schoofs and decayed parts of Hasselt. He wanted to give the candidates an honest view on the infrastructure now and create something out of nothing.

The property looked beat and dirty which made wide interior shots not the best option.
After hanging out there for a while, I noticed the heating elements looked different in each room and gave the perfect reflection on the condition and possibilities of the property.

Later I took a look at the garden and went to the old gelatine factory at the edge of the city to take different detail shots of the factory, waiting to be put to the ground.

I hope these pictures will have the perfect look on the ‘The School’ brand.

I’m very curious about The School and most certainly interested in the project.

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  1. Laura

    12/04/2017 04:58

    Ik kwam er geregeld over de vloer want mijn mama werkte in het hotel. Ben benieuwd hoe het er nu uitziet :-). Er hing altijd wel een soort “bezige” sfeer. Mensen die aankwamen en vertrokken. Dat vond ik een fijn gevoel.