Office for Bureaucritic Imagination – State of Exception

The Office for Bureaucritic Imagination – State of Exception is a participatory speculative performance and toolkit to rethink new laws for refugees. The concept, “State of Exception”, is influenced by Giorgio Agamben’s notion of a space where the normal laws and regulations in society are suspended. This idea is borrowed for “The Office for Bureaucritic Imagination”, in which the status quo for refugee laws are questioned and new laws can be imagined.
Inspired by Hannah Arendt’s idea of political participation, The “Office for Bureaucritic Imagination” endeavours to create a stage where different voices regarding the refugee discourse can be heard – an “Agora” where laws can be discussed and deliberated. Therefore the participation of different stakeholders, artists, designers, refugees, civil servants and local associations in the project is key.
Designed to be replicated in different countries and adapted to new contexts, the performance should be enacted to collect new laws and facilitate discussions across countries and its people.
Virginia Tassinari, Virginia Lui, Ilse Jooken, Martyna Wittbrodt, Juan Pablo Ramos Valadez, Moammar Wardeh, Stef Lemmens
Facebook: officeforbureaucriticimagination


  1. Yousra

    09/04/2018 21:28