The scratch start


The School has started. Writing this on its blog means we’re on.
And what’s on it? Nothing much, is there? The essential it, an international call for residents, being a conversation between two future team coaches.

What else, three thick sentences saying it all? Possibly, but most definitely not. The School is a school, is not a school and is a festival and blog (this) and shop and more. It is a constant growth of … us. People.

The School is what we never see: the dotted lines between us all. Possibly because they are not there yet ­– individual, aren’t we? Possibly because we don’t handle them very well. Connections. Collaborations. Yes, The School is about collaborations, those that weren’t there and will grow on us bit by bit. Hence this start from scratch.

The essential is shown on this medium to draw you in to have a chat. And from that first click forward, you will be part of something simple yet big. A collaborative movement. Seems simple and already done, no? Possibly, but most definitely not. You’ll see, or just feel when part of it.

My name is Pablo Hannon, one little particle of this thing called The School. When we succeed, it will be a movement. (I think it already is) Like growth or happiness, hard to define in bricks and mortar.

The School will have that same feel, that is the goal. A noun, a description. Possibly the reason for not having full-on identity and visuals on this medium. The School is just a typeface and some colours? The rest is still to be made, possibly by you.

Scratch, my most favourite starting point. Open to all that is not there yet. Reacting on what is. Improving? Mmm too deliberate word. Activating a drive. Yes, that.

What will grow on us, through here? People I guess. Resident designers (read about it in the call) doing their thing. Participants, nearby or distant, forming an outer circle or network and writing their reaction on their/our finds? Results of that growth? All too vague, right? Take it slow, we’re only the first day. To concrete the future that isn’t there yet, would be defining it and thus losing it. So, let’s take things turtle pace and show curiosity, embrace doubt and leave things open for, what is to be made by collaboration, starts from scratch.

Partners, thou art welcome. And we have already been chatting, but now the time has come to ask and define what role you can have in this movement. Let’s see this as a non existing new page. Symbolic for this new relationships we will engage from The School, the start is scratch, and the movement is pure and essential, in all its strength: independent. Read not: alone, as it is already a movement of many. Join us for what is to become yours.