meet us | JEROEN BOOGAERTS with local resources.


I’ve always walked the creative path, wandering around and learning. I’m constantly changing.  A multipotential, in my life i did so many different things: graphic design, organizing events, creating a business, product design, video installation and many more. My main interest is to create better world. What is a better world? How can I can i change it in the existing capitalistic world?” In 2014 Jeroen Boogaerts started Bodegaz, where he designs interior object, mostly light-oriented with reclaimed materials. With the school he challenges himself to walk a different path, to learn others to work with discarded materials and to learn from them. “I want to work with nature and people. That’s the main reason why i’m here.” he tells us.
Bio to be continued, lets work together.

More about Jeroen: click here.

Jeroen about joining The School Hasselt:

I’ve a fun and at the same moment an inspiring time at the school. Meeting all the different people with their approach and backgrounds.  Even as a resident living in Hasselt, i get to know the city even more. I like to be the connection between the resident off the school and this challenging city. I’m currently working on a research based project and developing a tool-library linked to the “Runkst deelt” call. I’m also working on a project related to the Herckerodebos. In this challenge, i want to build with natural and local resources and transfer this to the visitors of the forest.