Maison Florida Opens Up!


On the 1st of August 2020, The School organized a first open house in Maison Florida. The result? A vibrant day with an inspiring mix of visitors, full of activities and exhibitions, with positive reactions and interesting conversations.

Maison Florida Opens Up was collectively organised by our talented residents, and was the ultimate opportunity for neighbours, family members and anyone that was interested to have a look at our creative multidisciplinary hotspot.


“Maison Florida really is a playground for creative artists”

– Ilse De Meyer


Every resident of Maison Florida organized a performance or exhibition in their workspace which made our open house a fun and interactive experience. From Kintsugi activities, to yoga workshops, to audio-visual installations, to sourdough bread baking and many more… Everything is possible in Maison Florida.


“The beautiful thing here is that everyone is so unique and works on their own interesting projects, yet everyone is always jumping to help out the others. It’s a perfect balance between individuality and collectiveness”

– Marc Wetzels


A pizza, a beer, art & cosiness. Everyone was welcome. Until next time?




Photography: Saverio Sammartino & Stef Lemmens