meet us | MIA BAC gets inspired by a people.


Mia Bac is a multidisciplinary visual designer currently based in Hasselt, Belgium. Originally from South Korea, she studied Graphic Design in Brighton, UK. She mainly works in graphics and illustration and believes that “the essence is communication”. In regard to her design philosophy,  she believes that it is important to respect authentic graphics but also to be innovative and experimental. Design needs to be bold, sensible, reasonable and original.

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Mia about joining The School Hasselt:

I usually get inspired in the communication with people that, I think, it’s the most essential part of visual design. For me, it’s a challenge to understand the social context of the city I’ve never been before. Besides, It’s never an easy task to look for what I can deliver. It will be whole time question, what I can share. I joined the Pop-up Cinema Festival and as on going things, i am in the library project with The Bibliotheek Hasselt, and joined in for the Spartacus project with De Lijn.