The Internet Festival


The Internet Festival is the first festival of The School.

Fri 10 Nov 9am – Sat 11 Nov 9am

9:00 Breakfast Brainstart by Yousra Rifi at Tajine

10:00 Morning Glory Session — Yoga / Meditation by Federica Sosta

11:00 Workspace Activation — The School introduces The School

Offline spaces (WORK+MAP by Caro van den Hole, Pablo Calderon Salazar, The A5, introducing a new international publishing house, DISCONNECT by Yanina Shevchenko, URBAN NATURE by Nina Jørgensen, CONNECTED by Mia Bac), installations (ESC by Mar Badal, Andy Guo, Elisa Geukens, Anatolij Lessota, Robin Vanvoorden, ZEBRA by Bran Bolleire, V a p ē – B r o t h ē l by Sander Motmans, live calligraphy by Iris van der Heijden, projections (ELLO, DATABIT, SYSTAIME), Mobile Photoboot, a city Interruption by Philip Wussenbergs and Jeroen Boogaerts
Online spaces (, by Mia Bac, by Raya Stefanova and Jaimy Vanaeken, performances by Loris Mitri, Serena Chalker)

12:00 Performance One Zero One — a Japanoise cellar performance by Pablo Hannon

12:30 The IT Crowd, screening of classic The Internet episode

13:00 Lunch with a Local

14:00 Awakening Workshop

15:00 Connectivity and Visibility — open session by Kim Vandeloo, Rien Geypen and An Leemans

16:00 – 18:00 Online Conference — the role of humans in a digital world curated by Yanina Shevchenko and Raya Stefanova, introducing Jeroen Bouweriks, Anastasia Kubrak, Nicolay Boyadjiev + Jae Kyung Kim

18:00 Intercultural Food Moment at Tajine

19:30 – 21:00 LO and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016) — screening of documentary by Werner Herzog

21:00 Online 80s Guitar Solos — curated by Mia Bac

22:00 Party at secret underground location — curated by Pepijn Leenders

9:00 Zombie Breakfast at Pain Quotidien

other participants: Guillaume Slizewicz, Pepa Ivanova, Chantalle Weerts, Femke Van de Werf, Stuart Parkinson, Jolanda De Villiers Morkel, Jessie Georges, Shun Made, Tom and Shane Sayers is an embassy at
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The Internet Festival is a 24hr festival, free entry to everything — launch at 11am — launch at 11am