The Pikoh Workshops

The School welcomed hundreds of Pikoh students to participate in various workshops over the course of three days. This summer The School will organise an arts festival behind Maison Florida for which an enormous pavilion will be constructed in which we will offer space for art, design, music, performance, experiment, debate and a lot more. Within each workshop the students were invited to research, explore and experiment with various elements of this pavilion. They were poetic, a-legal, philosophical, material-inspired, in collaboration with or revolting against guiding teachers. Each workshop was designed by The People Of Florida and brought to life by the amazing energy of these students!


Jannes Van Arkel, Lore Praet & Tomas De Gregorio

‘Within the workshops Intervention with 3BAK (Visual & Architectural Arts) and Communication with 5TBK (Applied & Visual Arts) we experimented with local social situations. The students were asked to debate about the concept of a land of the future. These ideas and interactions were translated towards a cultural heritage. We focussed on good communication, intrinsic motivation and the relationship of the individual towards the whole.”



Stef Lemmens & Sebastian Josep Ferran Theuns

“We asked the students of 3BAVA (Visual & Architectural Education) to research the relationship between art and industry to help build bridges between Maison Florida and the industrial site of Quartier Canal. Two groups designed and constructed participative installations to literally connect both domains. One group made a theater piece in which they highlighted the importance of art for the survival of industry. The last group created an idea for an event were they would invite industry to donate trash which would be remade into art and sold back to them.”


Jan Vangertruyden & Stef Lemmens

“On Tuesday we asked the students of 5AV (Architectural Education) to design and construct a tribune which will be part of our pavilion for an arts festival this summer. Two teams got to work and explored what other functions a tribune can have besides seating an audience.”



Jim Krawinckel & Milan Gillard

“With the students of 3AO (Artistic Education) we explored the concept of time and what this means for them. Time is something that affects us all while it is different for everyone. The students visualized their ideas in the form of a poster which could evolve into a 3D object using various materials.”



Elke Cuppens & Jan Vangertruyden

“The students from 3BAV (Visual, Architectural Education) were asked to explore their ideas about a tribune. What size should a tribune have? In what kind of ways do we sit? What other functions can a tribune have? What can happen underneath the tribune? They first sketched out various designs in small groups after which they got to work and constructed one tribune as a team.”


Sebastian Joseph Ferran Theuns & Elke Cuppens

“We challenged the students from 5ABK (Architectural Interior Arts) to search for new functions for an already existing concrete structure within Crocodile Boulevard, in which we research small living, community building, permaculture and wellbeing. One group set out a rudimental plan for a kitchen, another group build a sauna, one group created a modular living room and the last group build a space in which you can find inner peace.”


Maureen Cordens, Ingeborg Goovaart & Annelies Van Camp

“Together with the students of 3AO (Artistic Education) and 3BAK (Visual & Architectural Art) we questioned this new world we live in. What does space mean for us? What are our needs? What can we miss? Is this new world really new? How can we turn our imagination into reality and is this necessary?” 


“The students of TBK (Applied Visual Arts) started a two day research on commitment within the art practice. How do we define this commitment? How do we visualize and spread this commitment towards an audience? Is there a place for freedom, respect and care when we communicate this commitment?”




Kobe Ruysen

“I invited the students of 5AO (Artistic Education) to look and talk about existing images. Afterwards we started manipulating these images into a visual installation which consisted of collages, drawings, projections… which were presented on three locker cabinets.” 



Glenn Cox

“With my workshop ‘Spread The Word’ I taught the students of 3 & 4 Music a creative and inexpensive way to spread their message across the city. They were invited to interact with existing posters using illustrations. By making our own glue with wheatpaste they were able to use an ecological alternative for standard poster glue.”




Jaime Le Bleu & Ale Mangindaan

“Our participants were challenged to design an armor for which they had to learn how to weld in various ways. We first sketched out our design after which some students went searching for the right pieces of scrap metal which we could transform into a sword, helmet, chest pieces and more.”