RIDS Research Summer Residency

The School invites 20 architects, artists and designers to join its 10-day summer residency starting July 20! RIDS Research focuses on space in the city (Ruimte in de Stad) and activates 4 teams in 4 projects, possible future artist spaces.
Basecamp is Maison Florida (12k sqm artist space in Hasselt Belgium) and hosts indoor/outdoor camping, a community kitchen with every day snacks and campfire dinners, storytelling and music.
The School is currently researching and pitching future artist spaces in the city of Hasselt. A diverse range of possibilities are in the make, different owners, different locations and opportunities. Idea this summer is to research and play with these opportunities to further help convince the possible partners on these artist spaces via concrete tools and insights. A clear framework is provided for the teams of this summer residency. Play and focus intertwine. Every team will have the help of a local coordinator to bridge the ideas with the bigger plan.
Architects, artists and designers are invited to collaborate in a nice mix and use all material in Maison Florida to make whatever is needed.
What does The School desire?
Strong outcomes and exhibitions, tools or installations created during joyful residencies. New teams to possibly lead the future research spaces.
What does The School offer?
Fun playground and collaborative time to craft new tools this summer, all bellies filled every day.
What does RIDS Research desire?
To impress the owners with atypical views on their space. A commitment of 10 days to have good energy and flow of the individual teams.
What is out of our hands?
The weather.
How can you subscribe?
Send 3 pictures of things you see when you walk out the door.
Write a short text on the question:
What do you miss in your city?
Are you joining us this summer?
Questions? pm for more info or subscribe and get to it!
RIDS Research summer residency
20 participants, 10 days, 20-30 July
Maison Florida, Vissersstraat 3 3500 Hasselt BE
The School researches improvement of its city via intercultural experiments and interdisciplinary spacemaking.