Pikoh Connects


On the 3th of September we welcomed a hundred Pikoh students in the house that is Maison Florida. During this day we transformed the students into fellow city researchers of The School. In these pandemic times our social lives are constantly challenged and it has become more important than ever to find new ways in which we can connect with others. Therefor we decided to use CONNECTION as our main theme for this day. We split up in four groups and started thinking about what connection means for us.


Lena Derwael


“I used spoken word to stimulate the students to get out of their comfort zone. They were encouraged to write down what connection means for them. Some poured these words into a rap song, others wanted to use their body to express it.. Anything was possible within this temporary moment of lawlessness.”

















Thomas Janssens


Emma Nuchelmans



We split up in four groups and started talking about ‘connections’.