Nomad City – A research on sustainable and communal living


In a world marked by an array of social and ecological challenges, the Nomad City Project emerged as an inspiring response to these issues. In January 2023, Milan Gillard, Mirte Meneve, and Stef Lemmens embarked on a transformative project in the heart of a city.

Over nine months, they created a nomadic village that moved between two unused plots of land in the city of Hasselt, Belgium. Within this unique setting, they invite artists, designers, architects, and permaculturists to join them in this research on life. Together they designed structures for communal living, reimagined education as a hands-on experience, highlighted our dependency from the natural environment and built bridges between schools, its departments and the neighborhoods surrounding them.

The Nomad City project is currently located at Oude Luikerbaan 79, 3500 Hasselt, in the front garden of UCLL University and can be visited whenever the gates are open. Do you want to get involved? Contact us at

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