Magnificent Migraine Festival



Magnificent Migraine Festival was a multidisciplinary arts festival which pushed us all to and beyond the limits of stimuli we could handle. Saturday 20 February 10-23h Maison Florida in Hasselt opened its doors to the research and exhibition of the glory and death during migraine.

Only participants had the opportunity to see, taste, feel, smell and hear how a curated selection of international artists reacted to the biological art of a migraine attack. The power or its paralysis, the imagination or its destruction, the potential and the unthinkable were explored during Magnificent Migraine Festival and presented during a 7-hour torture or feast. Only art will prevail.

All artists received a different invitation to participate. The questions formulated by Pablo Hannon were also exhibited at the festival.


Social Media Overload Research
Glenn Coxx, Olja Bechthold, Eline Swennen, Francesco Latrofa
Darkness Research
Caroline Sarneel
Shadow Research
Robin Ricky, Jonathan Frederix
Life Changes Research
Stefanie De Bakker
Cultural Difference Research
Luisa Soipi, Daphne Szlosarczyk
Ignorance Research
Laura Matikainen, Dominique Brion
Abstract Time Research
Sebastian Josep Ferran
Painkillers Research
Luna Demey
Wonder Research
Hendrickje van Dijk
Counter Attack Ritual Research
Fleur Keersmaekers
Aura Research
Stijn Wybouw, Bart Vandebroek, De Boze Bokser Batbileg ‘Baddy’ Enhbold
Colour Research
Steebz Khuan
Hunger Research
Mariken Vanheusden
Relational Research
Fee Veraghtert, Mathias Kuypers
Insects Game Research
Jordan Wielandt, Lee-Ann Palmans, Yana Ramaekers, Louise Baeten, Kithana Lenaerts, Ines Diriks, Xena Amry, Diedre Schwillens, Ivanka Cuijpers, Farah Lieten, Suwanan Somku, Brains Research, Britt Vliegen
Colours Visions Research
Dean Kisters, Jerôme Sweelssen
Contemporary Social Pressure Research
Mia Bak, Kang Chang Mo
Human Growth Research
Nuppu Gävert
Radio Research
Ruud Horrichs, Bart Oostindie

Teeth Research
Mike Moonen, Oscar Creemers, Ray Moon
Facial Research
Pablo Hannon
Last Recollection Research
Lieven Segers
Collective Energy Research
Spatsikrak / Benny Hamers
Waselino / Muut / David Muutjens
Colour Research
Kirsten Vanlangenaeker
Dizziness Research
Elisa Geukens
Gestures Research
Marika Meoli
Tension Release Research
Maarten Raskin, Manu Roelants
Latex Research
Fabian Seibert, Mona Steinhäußer, Carine Chastel
Lewis Caroll Research
Stomach Stability Research
Ellen Heymans
Water Research
Elke Cuppens
Healing of Bouillon Research
Marc Wetzels
Poster Design + 5′ Endurance Research
Ilse Jooken
Poster Production
Rico Panvini
Live Stream Team
Céline Mannens, Ingeborg Govaart
Light Flashes Research
Event Photography
Stef Lemmens
Aura Research
Event Photography
Birgit Stulens
Event Photography
Emily Lefebvre, Klaas Wellens
Giddiness Research
Event film
Saverio Sammartino
Post-Event Essay
Fien Geers
4 Reflective Dialogues
Dimitri Vossen
Technische assistance:
Simon Gorremans, Marc Wetzels
Partner of livestream
Hello Creators
Jessica Bala, Christina Vedar, Benjamin Behrendt,
Marc Lorra, Monia Chicar, Phillip Hartung,
Peter München, Niklas Bramke, Mario Irrmischer.