Nomad City

In a world marked by an array of social and ecological challenges, the Nomad City Project emerged as an inspiring response to these issues. Within this unique setting, artists, designers, architects, and permaculturists are researching unoccupied plots of land, owned by universities, to research sustainable and communal living. Together they designed household structures, reimagined education as a hands-on experience, highlighted our dependency from the natural environment and built bridges between schools, its departments and the neighborhoods surrounding them.

The Nomad City project was born under the umbrella of The School and is currently located at Oude Luikerbaan 79, 3500 Hasselt, in the front garden of UCLL University. You can visit this space whenever the gates are open or at the events below.

Upcoming Events
23/11 – Living Campus: Fermentation Station Opening, 12h, Nomad City
6/12 – Living Campus: How to make Sustainable Toys, 12h, Nomad City
8/12 – Construct: How to build a Raised Garden Bed, 10h, Nomad City
12/12 – Living Campus: Flintstone Pizza, 12h Nomad City
12/02 – Workshop: Hate Speech Poetry, 12h, Nomad City
21/02 – Workshop KlimaatContact: You and Climate Change, 19u, Nomad City 
06/03 – Workshop KlimaatContact: Living, 19u, Nomad City 
12/03 – Living Campus: TBA, 12h, Nomad City
14/03 – Living Campus: TBA, 12h, Nomad City
20/03 – Workshop KlimaatContact: Food, 19u, Nomad City 
27/03 – Workshop KlimaatContact: Travel & Transport, 19u, Nomad City 
17/04 – Workshop KlimaatContact: Consuming & Stuff, 19u, Nomad City 
24/04 – Workshop KlimaatContact: The Climate Talk, 19u, Nomad City 
25/04 – Living Campus: TBA, 12h, Nomad City
21/05 – Living Campus: TBA, 12h, Nomad City
23/05 – Living Campus: TBA, 12h, Nomad City


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