Maison Florida



The School is a post-academic and ongoing multidisciplinary collaboration, residence and happy city experiment.

The School is an internationally recognized urban-city experiment that examines social improvements in the city and in education. Its non-profit organization creates space where it is needed, bringing together creativity and innovation. The main aim of this project is to enhance creative experimenting. An interaction between mainly local, but also international artists and designers, juniors and seniors, as well as the mixing of different disciplines and interests is envisaged here. ‘Togetherness’ is the creed of The School. Collaboration, interaction, exchange with each other, with entrepreneurs in the area, with VDAB, with the city Hasselt, with creatives-in-residence, with participative visitors during events and festivals. Our eclectic organisation knows little boundaries and a good dose of chaos. An innate lust for the unruly runs like a red thread throughout the project.



For 3 years, The School has been granted 6000 sq m of playground: Maison Florida. The most recent project of The School resides in Maison Florida, a former VDAB training center in the Quartier Canal in Hasselt. This has been the main location of The School since 2019. Residents with very diverse backgrounds and talents work here on various projects with a mutual goal of improving our city. 



Our Superteam consists of:

Our superteam will transform the 6000 sq metres of space in Maison Florida into an experimental breeding ground for atypical talent.

Information about our talented residents can be found here.


Are you a creative talent yourself and interested in joining our project? Send us an email and join our community!