Stef Lemmens

  • Graduated in Visual Arts (graphic design) – Oebjet Troevee
  • °1993
  • Place of origin: Diest (Belgium)
  • Fun fact: “My leg hair continues seamlessly over my feet, where for most men it stops abruptly where the socks start. I am proud of that. As if the impact of the evolution from natural beings to urban beings on our body does not yet apply to me or something”


Stef Lemmens is part of our non-profit organisation The School. He is organiser, curator and administrator within Maison Florida. As community builder, Stef is always present to help out other residents. Aside from being administrator for The School, Stef has many projects of his own.

In the courtyard of Maison Florida, protected by the walls of the building, Stef built a tiny house called ‘Writer’s Blok’. People can rent this space for a weekend/ a week/ a month for a writer’s residence. The tranquillity of the hut makes it the perfect space to focus on the written word and the centrality of the solitary space offers time and peace to reflect and write.

Stef calls himself a homo habilis of the 21st Century. He has a passion for small living, tiny housing and wants to re-evaluate things and re-spark curiosity. In his artistic practices, Stef wants to challenge online images, as he wants to generate the focus of people back to actually wanting to see each other again. In this sense, he attempts to create a distance between the two in his artwork. In his hate-speech-poetry project, Stef turns negative online hate speech into something positive, by erasing words and turning it into positive poetry. He wants to dive deeper into this connection and explore other mediums to find new negative aspects of digital images and turn them into something positive.

In 2018, Stef originated Oebjet Troevee. Oebjet Troevee is an experiment that researches lost objects for social and urban improvement. Objects that are labelled as waste, get a new purpose at Oebjet Troevee. Objects are re-made using different kind of techniques with the aim of re-implementing them into the world. Through these exercises, Oebjet Troevee wants to stimulate a way of looking at lost objects as a resource with immense potential rather than seeing them as a waste.