Pepijn Leenders


Through his camera Pippin learned to observed birds from the age of 13. Captivated by their ability to travel in the sky, he was naively convinced he could travel in the same way and decided to jump from the highest three in his hometown Roy. When he launched himself into the ether not flying but diving he did and felt right through layers of earth into a dark dens whom. His mind lost orientation and his eyeballs diverged, his head was in the clouds but his body and spirit buried into the soil. A lot of time passed by till the moment he lost the track of time. In his hole in the ground he met some weird cave birds who were able to echolocate. He started to have long conversations with them and they learned him how to travel through sound. Slowly his ears became eyes and his eyes converged again. Sound became important in his life and he rediscovered his direction. When locating his way out he decided too take one last jump upward and pierced through the final skin. Eventually he landed back on the side of the sun reunited with his head and with a lot of thanks to the birds who ironically learned him to ground.