Pablo Hannon

  • Multidisciplinary Designer
  • °1973
  • Place of origin: Hasselt (Belgium)
  • Fun fact: “I accepted the slight tremble in my hands and I use ice creams to heal The Meeting.”
Pablo Hannon is a multidisciplinary designer with a practice in graphic, illustrative and interior design. Mixing local and international clients in his studio Hectica in Hasselt. Pablo’s desire to collaborate and to play resulted in a blog, The Things I Like a Lot, and later in festivals like Beyonderground, Who:How, Kubus Kwadraat and Everyone Loves Ice Cream. All were considered monsters to organise, and at the same time wonderful rainbows of bringing people together. The School was developed after participating in BAMSTAT, a temporary pop-up project in the station area of Hasselt. Pablo saw the opportunity to create a free zone for students and seniors, locals and internationals, a basecamp to start interactions with the city and its inhabitants and researching its possible improvements. The project became bigger than life with hundreds of projects and participants. In The School he feels a moderator, project developer and strategist. Pablo guides bachelor and master students on the side in 4 academies: PXL-MAD (Interactive design), LUCA Genk (Photography), ZUYD MAMDT (photography and illustration), ZUYD MAFAD (Intercultural Media, Artistic Matters).


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Multidisciplinary Designer