Elke Cuppens

  • Educative Master’s in Fine Arts and Product Design, Luca School of Arts in Genk
  • °1996
  • Place of origin: Maaseik (Belgium)
  • Fun fact: “Have you tried to eat gingerbread on pizza? It’s good!!”


Elke Cuppens is a conceptual artist taking residence in The School. She met with the organization at Playground for the wild and immediately fell in love with the concept. Aside from being community builder and helping everyone out in Maison Florida, she also designs her own projects at our location.

Elke is a talent in inventing products and shaping their development process. She is passionate about imagining concepts in a playful way and loves it when objects have the potential of crawling in / over / out of them. Her childlike imagination leads to innovative products that go hand in hand with the energy of the body. For her, the alteration between inventing concepts and starting to create something based on a gut feeling, is the best thing. Wood is her favorite material to work with due to its accessibility.

Moreover, Elke Cuppens has been co-owner of Oebjet Troevee since May 2020. Oebjet Troevee is an experiment that researches lost objects for social and urban improvement. Objects that are labelled as waste, get a new purpose at Oebjet Troevee. Objects are re-made using different kind of techniques with the aim of re-implementing them into the world. Through these exercises, Oebjet Troevee wants to stimulate a way of looking at lost objects as a resource with immense potential rather than seeing them as a waste.

In anticipation of her Master’s Thesis in 2021, Elke plans to conduct experiments related to the new kitchen and ‘eating design’. In these experiments, everything resolves around eating; the actions, the cooking, the people, the environment, the senses et cetera.